Pang Lha Sol is a religious festival worshipping the guardian deities to grace our land with good harvest and timely rainfall and to prevent natural calamities of every kind. In return converts were to be worshipped every year with faith, sincerity and with utmost devotion.

Khye Bumsa (Bhutia Chieftain) & Thekong Thek (Lepcha Chieftain) invoked all the deities to witness the convention between their races and under the observation of the guardian deities they took a solemn oath of brotherly treatment and consolidation of communal harmony. Since then Khang Chen Dze Gna is also worshipped as a witness god and every year during Pang Lha Sol, the lamas invoke Dzongna to protect the land and look after the people.

It was the third Chogyal Meewang Chagdor Namgyal who choreographed the famous Pangtoed dance in the year 1700 A.D. which he observed in his meditation trance at his palace at Rabdentse in West Sikkim.

This festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar. The ritual starts from the 7th day with offerings & prayers and ends on the 15th day with performance of Pangtoed Chham.

*(Photographed by: Kunga Tashi Lepcha)*